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Be inspired with letters from the Rebbe and Morah to Morah chinuch ideas.

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Hamechaneches 1

Two veteran Mechanchos hone in on chinuch priorities today. The Rebbe’s diary on the goals of girls in school. Yechidus with a delegation of Beis Yaakov of Borough Park.

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Hamechaneches 2

Chanukah and Chinuch, with a veteran Morah. Chinuch is being mechanech “The Whole Student”- the Rebbe. A conversation with a Morah on how to practically have students over at her home.

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Hamechaneches 3

Purim and Emunah in your classroom. A conversation with a veteran Morah what keeps her inspired after so many years in chinuch. Lessons from the master educator HaRav Chaim Mordechai Aizik Chadakov.

Who We Are

The future of our girls depends so much on the strength of our mechanchos. At Igud Hamechanchos, we work to support our mechanchos so that they can continue their vital work with greater inspiration, deeper influence and full appreciation.


Igud Hamechanchos was organized by members of the Crown Heights community to acknowledge the importance of the role of the mechanchos. The energy of teachers often goes unnoticed, unmentioned or underappreciated. Igud Hamechanchos was founded to raise appreciation that cultivating the next generation requires lots of hard work and persistence on the part of the mechanchos.


The outside influences of our times are very strong. Giving children a pure and penetrating chinuch, and planting deep roots within them so they can grow up to be fortified Jewish women, is a daunting challenge. At Igud Hamechanchos, we see the magnitude of this work and the struggles our mechanchos face every day. The Rebbe gave mechanchos the strength and the tools to do this. The Igud provides mechanchos with access to the Rebbe’s instructions so that they can be easily implemented.


Igud Hamechanchos recognizes that uniting Crown Heights teachers will benefit all the teachers. farbrenging together will create a community of teachers and will enable them to inspire one another, each sharing her own talents. Our community schools are all striving for one goal: to create the next generation of chassidim. Each school and each teacher has her own unique method and passion of instilling the Rebbe’s vision. At Igud Hamechanchos, we facilitate the release of these special powers of mechanchos.

Our Contacts


384 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11225


+1 (718) 594-2047