Homesome Chinuch

Every Child Deserves “A Yiddishe Heim”

Our Mission

   As we know, chinuch is more than just classroom learning; it's also about transmitting joy and meaning to everyday life. Yet sadly, so many of our students come from homes where they aren't receiving a wholesome chinuch – in ruchnius and in gashmius.

   At Igud Hamechanchos, we strive to provide for the whole child’s chinuch. And we believe that the one who can impact the child deeply is the Morah. It is the Morah who engages with the child day in and day out and can create an everlasting difference.

   When a Morah reaches out outside of the classroom – by inviting a student to her home to experience Shabbos or yom tov or by taking a student along to shul or to the ice-cream store – she can influence a child for life. Exposing a student to authentic Yiddishkeit, to the love and joy a chassidishe home and by sharing with them your purpose and passions, can change a child forever. 

    But we know, that as a Morah you are already stretched thin. Spending time with students after school hours seems nearly impossible. That’s why Igud Hamechanchos established "Homesome Chinuch" to provide funding and resources to allow you to make this difference.

   "Homesome Chinuch" provides the means you need to give your students a Home Chinuch. Whether you need funding to cover food, projects, or cleaning help so you can connect with your student, we are here to help.

Just reach out and we will take care of it.

Giving Every Child a “Yiddishe Heim”

Cleaning Help

Hosting means a bigger mess. We are here to help toward your cleaning help.


Often there is a student who is missing basic necessities we are here to help.

Paper goods

An ongoing hosting expense and is often expensive when hosting large groups.


Towards one-on-one teacher student get together. Be it at Sweet Expressions, pottery, etc..


Everything evolves around food when hosting, we would love to contribute.

Happy Morahs

We would love to support your shlichus with your students. A happy Morah creates happy students.

Partner With Us

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