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Be inspired with letters from the Rebbe and Morah to Morah chinuch ideas.

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Hamechaneches 1

Two veteran Mechanchos hone in on chinuch priorities today. The Rebbe’s diary on the goals of girls in school. Yechidus with a delegation of Beis Yaakov of Borough Park.

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Hamechaneches 2

Chanukah and Chinuch, with a veteran Morah. Chinuch is being mechanech “The Whole Student”- the Rebbe. A conversation with a Morah on how to practically have students over at her home.

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Hamechaneches 3

Purim and Emunah in your classroom. A conversation with a veteran Morah what keeps her inspired after so many years in chinuch. Lessons from the master educator HaRav Chaim Mordechai Aizik Chadakov.